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Novots Wins “2009 Top10 Zhongguancun Most Potential Developing

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 Novots was awarded “2009 Top10 Zhongguancun Most Potential Developing Enterprises” for providing high quality IT service, on 5th March 2010. The Award presents that Novots has become the outstanding representative of IT infrastructure outsourcing services.
    As an annual event, the Award affair was constituted by the government of Haidian District, Beijing in 2001, and sponsored by Beijing Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprises Association. Currently this activity has become the stage of excellent enterprises. Many companies and firms come forth and become the leaders and representatives in their own industries through this occasion.
    Since Chinese Reform and Opening-up, the innovation and development has been established as the fundamental principle of China, which proven the correctness in numerous practices. Also directed by the theory, Novots perseveres in innovation, builds high-tech IT services system, absorbs worldwide advanced theories, and creates the unique management methodology,“ISO20000 Company-Projects Service Management System”. Insisting on the continuous innovation and constant progress, Novots will strive for further development with untiring efforts to build “Top Brand” in IT services.