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IT Office Automation Desktop Service Consulting Project for One of Famous

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 Customer Profile

A company is a private high tech enterprise listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange Market, currently has 9 production bases located in Guangdong, Beijing, Shanxi, Shanghai and other places, with 7 million square meter space in total, branches or offices in USA, Europe, Japan, Korea, India, Taiwan and Hong Kong, 130,000 employees all over the world.


By the end of 2008, this company’s total asset was approaching 32.9 billion CNY, net asset was over 13.3 billion CNY, mainly on two industries, IT and automobile. IT Products  include Rechargeable Batteries, Chargers, Electroacoustic Components, Connectors, LCD module, Plastic Mechanical Parts, Metal Components, Metal Electronics, Mobile Phone Keypad, Keyboard, FPCB, Microelectronics, LED, Opto-electronics, Mobile Phone Decoration, Mobile Phone Design, Mobile Phone Assembly, and etc. This company is constantly devoted to technology innovationR&D capability enhancement and service improvement. Major clients are Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and other world class telecom enterprises.


Automobile products include high-end, medium-end and low-end fuel vehicles, as well as auto molding, auto parts, DM electric cars and pure electric cars and so on.


This company’s R&D branch consists of the Central Research Lab, Electronics Research Institute, Auto Engineering Research Institute, and Electric Power Research Institute, responsible for high tech product/technology research and development, and investigation on industry and market. These departments are made up of experienced professionals who administer hardware design, software development, testing, and other related functions. This company has also established a rigorous quality standard in design and development which has gradually come to represent the company’s dedication to excellence. This company’s R&D strength is the foundation of its success and future growth.


This company constantly cares about social progress and contributes to charitable causes as part of its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. It pays close attention to and actively takes part in various public efforts such as disaster relief, donation to education, contributions to social welfare, and support of culture and sports. Examples of its strong sense of love and social responsibility can be seen and recognized by the general public for its efforts to improve the society.

☆ Faced Challenges of IT
This customer has its own branch, factory, or research and development center in many cities, under a complex management structure. IT-related business departments show the lack of adequate knowledge and experience to IT Service management system, there is no clear strategy for IT service management, has not been able to establish an effective IT management system following ITL / ISO system best practice. IT services team's efficiency has not improved. Customer satisfaction is low. 

☆ Achieved Goals 
√ Designed and planned service-oriented IT services and office equipment desktop service organization structure, product-oriented to service in the form of restructuring 
√ Used multi-dimensional analysis to build a complete process system 
√ Designed interactive event management, problem management, change management, and other service processes and a clear interface between the various processes 
√ Followed the PDCA principles, by the thought of consolidation of existing standards while effectively improving the quality, designed a process system following ITIL / ISO system best practice. 
√ Imported the concept of service directory to help customers build an IT services-related services directory, cleared the range of services, and made customers more clear with expectations to IT service, laid a good foundation for users and IT service providers to establish a more harmonious working relations in between
√ Proposed the overall planning in IT service management system building, and simultaneously analyzed the focus of IT services related business, pointed out the ultimate goal of "IT management and control" . 

☆ Service Mode 
√ On-site research provided by a consultant group with members of ISO20000 qualified Lead Auditor
√ On-site research and consulting services for the various branches of the various departments 
√ IT Services Process Consulting Services 
√ IT strategy consulting services 
√ IT Service Management Strategy Consulting Services 
√ IT service management process system planning, deployment and consulting services 
√ Services support software and call center management consulting services 
√ IT Service Management Experience Sharing

☆ Valued Added to Customer
Considering the customer's IT-related business is more a lack of knowledge of ITIL/ISO20000 system case, organized a special IT service management experience-sharing seminars. Based on ITIL/ISO20000 knowledge systems, integrated many year project experience and a large number of actual cases, combined with industry trends and industry dynamics, elaborated on the characteristics of IT service management, maturity model, implementation methodology, management strategies, risk management and a wide range of content for the smooth development of the follow-up consultation to lay a solid foundation. Based on the depth of detailed findings, combined closely with customer IT service management strategy, consultant service team examined the status of shortcomings and directions for improvement, sorted out IT service management process system based on ITIL/ISO20000 for the customer, through the deployment of Remedy to solidify processes, to assure the IT service management system can be implemented in the daily management, and achieve the effective in the future course of daily IT services for the customer. . Meanwhile, made a clear long-term development planning for the customer's IT service management. The customer through cooperation with Novots has been gained substantial commercial value, imported a large number of industry best practice, customized for the customer by combining the characteristics of its business, 

greatly enhanced the efficiency of customers' IT operations. Comprehensive IT service management processes, more effectively supported the client business development and better protected the continuity and availability of IT services, while the continuous improvement of IT service performance and cost control has also been an effective balance.